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Hustle + Socialize is a unique professional development conference that empowers entrepreneurial women through personal and professional skill-building. Designed as a mindfulness, learning and networking event, Hustle + Socialize provides attendees with important tools, techniques, and strategies to achieve greater success on behalf of their businesses, careers and personal lives. 

 Our first H+S event took place on Saturday, June 23rd in San Antonio, Texas and it was a blast!

Now get ready for round 2 because it is going to be even more unforgettable!


H+S 2019 Conference Theme

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The H+S conference is specifically designed to inspire and activate the business women of San Antonio. This year’s theme, “The Catalyst for Change”, has been inspired by women from within San Antonio and nationwide that are causing riffs in their communities, their industries, and in their political districts.

Program, agenda, and more theme details will be released as we get closer to our ticket launch date, January 21st, 2019.

Who should join us?

You are the right woman to join us as an H+S HUSTLER this coming June if you are a woman currently in business, or a female hustler looking to one day soon jump into the wild ride of entrepreneurship.

You need to be in the room with us if you are ready to do whatever it takes to achieve a better future for yourself, your family, and your community. Come ready to roll up your sleeves, step out in courage, and join us as we take our personal development and business growth into our own hands.

Mark you calendars for June 20-22nd and get ready to join over 200 women in the heart of Downtown San Antonio for a very special event unlike any other.


Launch SA

We are proud to have hosted H+S’s inaugural event at Launch SA, and again to be to be working in tandem with Launch SA for 2019 in encouraging collaboration, fostering creativity, promoting productivity, and inspiring innovation amongst San Antonio’s women business leaders.

Thank you Launch SA!

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I am totally enchanted by everyone I met at Hustle and Socialize and I’m still discovering new take-aways from the speakers and sessions. I loved everything about this conference thank you so much for putting it together!

— Conference attendee, Kara Gollehon