A conference for women game-changers and builders of San Antonio's emerging economy



Join Hustle + Socialize for our inaugural women’s conference designed to be a day (and night!) of transformative, educational, and skills building experiences for emerging female entrepreneurs committed to achieving positive social and economic outcomes in their work and in their life.

Happening June 23rd at Launch SA in San Antonio, TX!



What to expect

Emerging Women Business Leaders

You’ll meet and learn from San Antonio’s leading female experts in business and self-development. 

You’ll learn from their struggles and successes, and you’ll discover the secrets to mastering all sorts of awesome and life changing skills!

From all the tangible tips and tools H+S Partners will be sharing, this conference will give you the guidebook to creating the business and life that you’ve always wanted.

We will end the night by getting to know each other a little better at the H+S Networking Mixer (alcohol included!), and close with a toast to the fabulous business women of San Antonio.

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H+S Partners

You’ll meet and speak to more than 100 of  San Antonio’s fearless women in business. 

You’ll hear about their efforts in business and in life,  and learn about their biggest struggles in achieving their goals.

As an H+S Partner, you will be integral to the piecing together of the H+S Guidebook,  a take-home printable designed to help H+S women create the business and life they strive for.

After the show, our work won't be over yet! We will work with you to track our impact, and apply what we learn to further our efforts in supporting the business women of San Antonio together.

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Launch SA

We are proud to be hosting H+S’s inaugural event at Launch SA, and to work in tandem with Launch SA in encouraging collaboration, fostering creativity, promoting productivity, and inspiring innovation amongst San Antonio’s women business leaders.

Thank you Launch SA!


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