About us


Hustle + Socialize is a unique professional development conference that empowers entrepreneurial women through personal and professional skill-building.

Designed as a tool to inspire and activate local communities of business women, Hustle + Socialize provides attendees with important tools, techniques, and strategies to achieve greater success on behalf of their businesses, careers and personal lives.

H+S was founded by a best-friend team of young female hustlers originally from the South Texas border. Michelle Vallejo is a serial social entrepreneur and real estate investor, and Christina Olivarez is a social media and branding strategist. Usually being the youngest people and only Latinas in the room, they often felt like they didn’t fit in when walking into networking, educational, and entrepreneurship events as young professionals.

From this experience, Michelle and Christina were able to put their finger on a need for minority business women and went with their gut to do something about it starting with the inaugural H+S women’s entrepreneurship conference in San Antonio, Texas that took place on June 23rd 2018.

Out of the success of the conference, H+S launched a series of smaller events, has established a recognizable brand presence in San Antonio, and is now moving full speed ahead in planning the second Hustle + Socialize conference, which has expanded into a three day event.

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